Elementor #368

The People Person

Patty is an up-beat HR and People professional with a fiery passion for the end-to-end employee experience & healthy HR operations. She finds equal importance in both culture & compliance, and is fluid in effective prioritizing. She is efficient, resourceful and eager to learn new tricks while sharing some of her own. She thrives in the trenches, and works creatively to find success even in the midst of chaos.


HR Ops & Compliance

An HR audit and review will identify compliance discrepancies and allow optimization of workflows and creation of proper documentation, minimizing your risk for fines and penalties.

Handbook & Policy Dev.

Your handbook & policies lay the groundwork for how your business runs day-to-day. We’ll ensure yours is up-to-date, help create one through buildable templates or designed from scratch.

Compensation Planning

We’ll develop your company’s compensation and incentive plans to be scalable, competitive and equitable. Enjoy peace of mind knowing where you stand and what you're offering in both base and total earnings.

Strategic HR & People Ops

HR is no longer just recruiting, write-ups, and compliance. Reap the benefits of HR & People Ops true potential with hand-on strategic solutions - including personnel and ER support, culture and DEI.

Performance & Engagement

Regularly vetting culture and the influencers of long-term retention is key through thoughtfully developed and consistent surveying, training plans and engaged coaching, and performance management.

Succession Planning

No more guess work with organizational excellence. We’ll create a strategic succession plan that helps you to identify critical jobs, potential successors, and skills gaps.

Don’t know where to start, or have a specific project or combination of needs?

Let’s figure it out together! We are experts at determining and prioritizing needs that are conducive to goals of the business, budgets set and timelines targeted.

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